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AC Duct Cleaning Miami FL | Duct Cleaning Service

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Air duct cleaning is an often-overlooked step in the process of spring cleaning. Here are the basics on why you should have this don’t to you vents every year.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?


When your air ducts are filled with dust or contaminated with mold, the air quality inside your home may be affected. The technician uses tools to dislodge dust, mold and objects that are stuck inside your air ducts. A high-powered vacuum is then used to remove the contaminants and debris from your home. Cleaning the fans, heat exchangers and coils may also improve the efficiency of your system. Some of the components of your system, including the registers and grilles, will be removed and reset during the cleaning process. Others, such as the supply and return air plenums will be accessed and cleaned.



Why Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary


Many new Florida homes are built with high-efficiency doors and windows to keep the cool air inside the home. While these enhancements are great for keeping energy bills low, they often decrease ventilation. Contaminants that enter the home when doors or windows are opened are then trapped inside, reducing the air quality inside the home. Air duct cleaning in homes can remove all of the pollutants that enter from outside. If you have allergies or other respiratory problems, air duct cleaning may help you breathe easier. Because pet hair, dust, and fungus can build in your air ducts and circulate through your home, cleaning your entire system may reduce symptoms such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and sinus problems.


AC Duct Cleaning Miami FL


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