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AC Duct Cleaning Orlando | Mold Growth

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AC Duct Cleaning Orlando | Mold Growth

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Many times, leaks go undetected and can end up being expensive to repair. Here are some tips to keep leaks under control.

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Kitchen Leaks


Loose pipe connections and drain pipes with small holes under the kitchen and toilet sink can cause water to leak. This can go on undetected for some time, especially the kitchen sink allowing mold to grow and spread. Check under the sink regularly for any leaks. If there are problems detected, call for a professional at Laser Restoration to further assess the damage because there are times when the visible signs are just the tip of the iceberg.


Leaking Roofs


Signs of water damaged roofs are more visible such as discoloration. Worst of all, when the roof is totally damage it can collapse. However, small leaks are not visible enough to be noticed which can go undetected for quite some time. Undetected leaks can promote mold growth causing homeowners to spend thousands of dollars in restoration. The best prevention would be conducting a thorough inspection both on the interior and exterior part of the roof.


Pipe Leaks


There are times when a small patch of mold grows on the floor near a wall. What can possibly be the cause of this? When pipes housed in the cavity wall leaks it can deposit water on the wall. The problem may look small but once the drywall is removed, the problem is much greater than just the visible spot on the floor. Mold has traveled below the subfloor and throughout the entire cavity wall. The damage would be too costly to repair.


AC Duct Cleaning Orlando


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