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Mold Damage in Orlando FL | What is Mold Damage?

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Mold Damage in Orlando FL | What is Mold Damage?

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Mold damage in Orlando FL can be a nightmare, if not taken care of properly. And, no, mold isn’t just gross. It can cause actual, physical damage to your property. From the floorboards to the furniture, mold can take away the homey feeling of your house. Keep reading to learn more:

Weak Structures

Organic materials are mold’s best friend. That means woods, papers, fabrics, and some glues can fall victim to mold. Over time, the fungus will literally break down the material, weakening the structure and strength. So, your walls, ceilings, flooring, and more could be at risk.

Damaged Flooring

Mold is no stranger to drywall, carpet, floorboards, and more. So, when you don’t call us to remediate it, you can be putting your family’s safety at risk. As time goes on, these important structures will grow weaker and weaker, letting the mold take over.

How can I remove mold damage in Orlando FL?


You should be proud to show off your home. Unsightly mold can grow up walls and all around. With brown, green, black, and grey features, this makes your house look less than stellar. And, it certainly won’t leave it feeling clean.

Air Flow Disruption

Mold can build up in air ducts and vents all throughout your home. So, this means, when air comes through, not only is the flow disrupted by the buildup, but mold spores will circulate your home more easily.

Does Your Home Have Mold Damage in Orlando FL?

Don’t let mold damage in Orlando FL linger! At Laser Restoration, we can remediate mold and work with you to prevent it in the future. So, if you suspect mold in your home, contact us today to learn more about our services!