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Mold Damage Miami FL | Assessing Fire Damage

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Mold Damage Miami FL | Assessing Fire Damage

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A fire in your home is a devastating experience, both for your family and all your personal belongings.

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Fire Damage


Fires are devastating — not only resulting in damage to the physical structure of your home, but also to your state of mind. They can get also their start from several sources, including cooking, portable heaters and electrical equipment, candles, faulty wiring, and flammable liquids. While moving forward from your home’s destruction may prove difficult, and you may not know where to begin, it’s imperative you take immediate action. Fires can char walls, create odors, cause devastation to your personal property and damage the foundation of your home. Soot may cling to the interior walls, carpets may be soggy, and the roof may also be damaged, but immediate attention will minimize destruction. The more time odors have to seep into your walls, carpets, and furniture, the less chance you have of removing the smell.


Steps to Take


Limit activity and foot traffic in your home. Staying off of carpet, furniture, and upholstery is key to preventing soot, dirt, and other particles from getting trapped all around your home. If you do need to get around your home quite a bit, put down clean towels or sheets on the floor and furniture. If possible, change filters in your home to keep dirt and soot from circulating. Don’t try to wash the walls or carpet — leave that for the professionals to avoid permanent damage. Don’t try to clean kitchen appliances yourself. After a fire, electrical connections and wiring may also be damaged and could cause further problems if not cleaned carefully and correctly. Don’t eat any food that may have been exposed to the fire and smoke.


Mold Damage Miami FL


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