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Mold Damage Miami FL | Dealing with Fire Damage

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Mold Damage Miami FL | Dealing with Fire Damage

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Dealing with the damage resulting from a fire can be stressful and even devastating. Here are two important steps you can take after a fire to make recovery easier.


Get Permission Before Entering


Depending on how extensive the fire damage is, make sure the Fire Marshall tells you that the structure is safe to enter. There are possible dangers in your home such as hot spots and unsupported beams that could cause harm.  You also want to be careful no one in the household uses the electricity without permission from the authorities. Although you are anxious to find out if your favorite things survived the fire, waiting until it is safe prevents you from dealing with an injury that could delay cleaning up the fire damage.


Document the Damage


It is also a good idea to take pictures that can be used for insurance purposes and to give potential companies an idea of the damage when you are seeking quotes. It’s important to note that some damage may not be visible, such as getting that smoke smell out of clothes and furniture. Remember, it’s important to keep in mind that fire creates two types of smoke damage; visible soot and an invisible odor. Laser Restoration specializes in getting rid of both soot and smell.


Mold Damage Miami FL


Repairing all the effects of fire damage is what we do at Laser Restoration. Call today if you have any questions about our services or restoration process.