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We are Mold Removal Certified Experts

Laser Restoration Inc currently has certified mold remediation specialists standing by. Mold removal is a critical factor when protecting the value of your home or business, not to mention the health and well-being of your family or employees.

Mold spores are everywhere – indoors and outdoors – but they need dampness and organic material to form the colonies that can destroy property and create health hazards. Mold removal is only the first step as any underlying water problems must also be addressed. mold remediation.

Laser Restorations Inc. is the best choice in the South Florida area for commercial and residential mold removal. In addition to safely, efficiently removing the visible mold from your crawlspace, drywall, ceilings or elsewhere.

Laser Restoration experienced and courteous technicians will perform all of the necessary steps to prevent a future mold outbreak, including:

√ Water Extraction

√ Mold Removal

√ Dryout

√ Odor Removal

√ Carpet Cleaning

In some cases, mold removal involves the replacement of wood or other organic material that is too deeply contaminated to save. Because Laser Restoration Inc. is a Florida State Licensed full-service restoration company, hiring us to perform your residential or commercial mold removal saves you the cost and headache of hiring another contractor to do repair work after removing any material that has been infested with mold. Another convenience offered by Laser Restoration is direct insurance billing, which removes any work our clients would have to deal with themselves.

Laser Restoration Inc. is fully licensed certified mold removal specialists. We are bonded and insured,. Our mold removal certified specialists have experience in the restoration business, and our level of service is second-to-none in the South Florida area. Contact Laser Restoration as soon as possible when you spot a mold problem in your home or office

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