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Water Damage in Orlando FL | 3 Categories of Water After Damage

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Water Damage in Orlando FL | 3 Categories of Water After Damage

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Don’t let water damage in Orlando FL take over your home. Different categories of water require a different remediation process. So, whether the damage came from a recent storm or an unexpected leak in your home, here are the three categories of water that you should be aware of:

What is Water Damage?

After a storm or after a pipe leak, you may experience water damage. This is damage caused by an influx of water being present. So, it requires thorough remediation.

Category One

Category 1 water is fairly straight-forward. This water is sanitary when it begins. However, when it comes in contact with other surfaces, contamination can occur. This is your typical pipe burst or water leak. After examination, the process for remediation is pretty clear-cut.

Category Two

This is where the danger sets in. Category 2 water contains obvious contamination. And, it can put your health at risk by exposure or ingestion. This contamination typically includes organic microorganisms – namely, fecal matter. There may also be chemical matter that poses risk.

How do I take care of water damage in Orlando FL?

Category Three

Category 3 is where danger escalates. This is water that has contamination. So, contamination can include heavy amounts of metals, chemicals, organic matter, and other toxic substances. And simply being in the vicinity of this water can put your health at risk. So, you should never handle this type of water damage on your own.

Have You Experienced Water Damage in Orlando FL?

Water damage in Orlando FL comes with its own array of problems. From necessitating structure restoration to eliminating the potential for mold, you need professional damage remediation. So, contact us at Laser Restoration to learn more about our services.