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Water Damage Repair in Miami | Health Risks of Standing Water

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Water Damage Repair in Miami | Health Risks of Standing Water

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Without water damage repair in Miami, stagnant water after a pipe leak, natural disaster, or heavy rain, stagnant water can wreak havoc on your home. This isn’t just in regard to the state of your home but the health of your family. Standing water comes with a fair share of health risks when not treated properly. Keep reading to learn more:

Physical Harm

Trudging through standing water poses a physical threat. The structure of your house, including your walls, ceiling, and carpets, become weakened with long-term exposure to water. Over time, their faculties can deteriorate and make your house a hazardous area.

Bug Infestation

With stagnant water comes bugs. Specifically, mosquitoes make themselves at home when water warms and starts to grow bacteria. Mosquitoes and other pests are known for carrying diseases that do pose risks to humans and our furry friends.

What are the health risks of not getting water damage repair in Miami?

Mold Growth

In damp, dark, and warm conditions, mold all to easily can develop. At this point, you are no longer just looking at water damage repair but mold remediation as well. All types of mold can cause allergies to act up. Those with severe respiratory conditions may also feel the effects. However, black mold is the most toxic form of mold out there. This is when you really need to call on our professionals.

Are you in Need of Water Damage Repair in Miami?

Don’t let water damage invite itself into your home! Water damage repair in Miami is available with our experts at Laser Restoration. So, contact us today to learn more about how our services can help restore your home.