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Water Damage Repair in Orlando | How to Recover from a Hurricane

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Water Damage Repair in Orlando | How to Recover from a Hurricane

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Hurricane season is a stressful time. But, when you have a team of experts dedicated to water damage repair in Orlando, there’s no reason to fear recovery. With our help, there are steps you can take pre and post-storm that make the process as seamless as possible. Read to learn more:

Get Inspected

Every season, you should have an inspection. Even if you don’t necessarily suspect issues in your home, including a weakened roof or foundation, it’s better to be safe than sorry. An inspection can make sure that you minimize the risk of damage.

Talk with Insurance

If you’re in an area that typically floods, flood insurance is your safest bet. However, if it’s too late, you still should talk to your insurance agency to see what is covered. You can do this before and after a storm. After a storm, your insurance will be able to provide you guidance through the recovery process.

What does water damage repair in Orlando include?

Document Damage

Do not risk your safety by spending time in a damaged home. However, if you deem it safe enough, document any damage that may be present. Simple phone photos can be useful to prove to insurance what happened.

Call the Professionals

When it comes to water damage, there tends to be more than what meets the eye. Our repair process includes water extraction, content drying, air cleaning, debris removal, and more. Together, this restores your house and turns it back into a home. So, do not hesitate to reach out to us after a hurricane.

Are You in Need of Water Damage Repair in Orlando?

If you’re in need of water damage repair in Orlando, do not stress. Our team of experts at Laser Restoration is here to restore your house back into a home. So, contact us today to learn more about our services.