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Water Damage Restoration Miami | Tropical Storms

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Water Damage Restoration Miami | Tropical Storms

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Prepare in Advance


Hurricane seasons are a concern for everybody that happens to live in the path of the storm, especially if your home is close to the coast. Fortunately, hurricanes are forecast days or weeks ahead, so we have plenty of time to prepare for them. Preparing your home in advance for the coming storm could save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Understand Your Insurance Cover


Check your insurance policy so that you know what it covers. Once a hurricane is imminent it too late to make any changes. Homeowners policies usually don’t cover flood damage, so you may need to take additional insurance before the next hurricane season. Find out whether or not your property falls into a flood zone. In this way, you can gauge the likelihood of flooding in your area. Most insurance policies also do not cover wind damage. If you want your house covered for wind damage you may have to take out additional insurance.


Make Sure that Windows are Secure


If you have hurricane shutters on your windows. Check all of them. If any of them are broken or damaged get them replaced or repaired well ahead of time. If you don’t have hurricane shutters, consider having them installed or replace the glass in your windows with hurricane glass. When you don’t have either, you can board up your windows with marine ply to prevent the wind from breaking the glass. The boards must be at least 5/8 of an inch and should be cut to fit each of your windows. Use a heavier gauge to cover larger windows and glass doors.


Water Damage Restoration Miami


If you are looking for damage restoration after a storm in south Florida, give Laser Restoration a call. We are here to help you get back on track.