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Wind Type Varies by Storm and Causes Different Degrees of Wind Damage

Thunderstorms are the most common source of wind and storm damage but winds from hurricanes or tornadoes are stronger and can cause more severe damage.

It is important to know when a storm is approaching your area and what type of storm it is so you know the potential and level of damage to expect.  Thunderstorms are responsible for over half of all wind damage cases in the U.S. but the storm damage repair may be more costly for hurricane or tornado wind damage.


what is water damage repair miami?

√ Emergency repair

√ Tree falling

√ Stump removal

√ Roofing

√ Eavestrough replacement

√ Siding

√ Lampscaping

√ Vandalism clean up

√ Eavestrough repair

√ Temporary repair

Broken window on  door by vandalism